State Grants & Grid-Tied systems

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State Grants & Grid-Tied systems

Postby Power4nico on Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:06 am

Hi everyone!
Is it not time that this government of ours, allows us to install Grid-Tied power systems so that we as private individuals can support the grid power crisis?
There a many countries that offer grants to their citizens, such as Australia, where they grant $AUD 8 per watt to a max of $AUD 2000 for a certified solar electricity system. Thats about R96,000.00 here in SA! Just think what you could do with that money towards your "solar system" or Hybrid system.
If we could "sell back" power to the grid, this would make our system cheaper by reducing the need for that big "Battery Bank". The grid would become your "Battery Bank". You would only need enough batteries to keep you going for a few hours, after that you could possible switch over to a genset (for extreme cases). The batteries in any system are the most costly item (in the long run), they have to be replaced.
We need to put some pressure on the government and Eskom (who seem to really not be interested in allowing this to happen).
If we are given the incentive to reduce our "carbon footprint" (other than your personal morals about this problem facing the planet), by installing solar, wind, hydro, bio, or feul cell power systems, then many more people would make the change to "alternative power" systems. This would reduce global warming.
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Re: State Grants & Grid-Tied systems

Postby windgat on Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:53 pm

Yes it is high time!! South Africa is way behind in this regard. As you say, Eskom by its actions (as opposed to its press releases) is not really interested in helping this happen.

Eskom unfortunately feels that it is not accountable to the public. This was told to me directly by Eskom representative Tony Stott, who explained that Eskom is only accountable to its shareholder - the government. If this confuses you, don't worry you are not alone! The municipalities also have a lot to lose - somewhere around 25% - 50% of their income is from marking up electricity.

One point about using the grid as a battery bank in South Africa - it may not turn out to be a very reliable battery!
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