blade profile calculation 1

The blades of the turbine, and the hub they are attached to

blade profile calculation 1

Postby ginobee2000 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:00 am

hello to all,

am designing a turbine blade using xfoil. i have done all the necessary calculation including the average wind speed of the site i selected and the airfoil analysis for the aifoils i am using now. am using the mh airfoil. they are mh102, mh104, mh106, mh10, mh110. am using this 5 airfoils along the blade. when i analysed these airfoils in xfoil i got the polars and used it to make a graphical representation so i could find the CL, ALFA, CD, L/D for each airfoil. now my blade r/R, c/R, r and c has been calculated. now what am finding difficult in calculating is the blade setting angles with respect to r. and also can can somebody tell if my approach is correct. hoping u will help me, thanks

details: R=10m, r=0.4, average speed is 6.3m/s, tsr=7
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Re: blade profile calculation 1

Postby windgat on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:44 pm

Hi, sounds like you have all the info you need to use the free blade calculator on this site - look on the main web home page for the link. Let me know if you have difficulties.
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