Wind generator plans link and question

The blades of the turbine, and the hub they are attached to

Wind generator plans link and question

Postby yachtwork on Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:05 am

This is the link to a home made wind generator. The blade plan (click on it to download the high quality file) in the upper right is the best blade I have ever used!

The link is here-

My question is the alternator to generator system is listed as experimental. Anybody have a good design for making the change?

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Re: Wind generator plans link and question

Postby windgat on Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:14 am

Looks interesting! That's a two blade design, so it will spin faster than a three blader, which normally means it will be noisier in high winds (10m/s+). Have you run it that kind of wind? We get lots of wind here - I have seen a consistent 18m/s, and that's not too unusual.

I always wonder about hand carved blades - how easy is it to get the blades to be identical (or close)? Its a complex 3d shape... how do you check its accurate?

I have seen web pages about modifying alternators, but haven't paid much attention because I make my own generators. Googling 'alternator conversion permanent magnet' should give you lots of hits.
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