Rotor Blades

The blades of the turbine, and the hub they are attached to

Rotor Blades

Postby gyrosa on Mon May 26, 2008 11:10 pm

Hi Guys
Started the project today and kicked off with the blades. I am using a damaged set of propellers (Arplast Ecoprop) that were used on a gyrocopter that was involved in an accident. The one blade is reasonable, so I shall be modifying it in order to copy it in fibre glass. The hub is still okay.
The idea is to make the system in such a manner that I can make the prop blades turn in the hub, thus chnging the pitch. They were adjustable before anyway. It will work on a fly- weight governer system, that when the unit is stationary, they will be in full fine position and at speed they will advance to a coarser position by themselves. This will also trigger a switch, which in turn will excite the rotating field (electromagnets) similar to that used on a car alternator.
Any comments from the guys that have thought along these lines are welcome.
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Re: Rotor Blades

Postby windgat on Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:45 pm

Sounds great, hope to see some photos soon! What size is each blade? I thought about variable pitch, but the mechanical complexity put me off. One comment: if you use permanent magnets no switch or excited coils are needed - otherwise would you need brushes to get power to the rotating coils?
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