Northern Power aims its 60 kW turbine

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Northern Power aims its 60 kW turbine

Postby DoctorEvil on Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:59 pm

Northern Power aims its 60 kW turbine at distributed power applications
November 18, 2014 Paul Dvorak

The next generation of the company’s permanent magnet, direct drive distributed wind turbines is now available. At 60 kilowatts of rated power, with a 24-meter rotor, the recently launched NPS 60-24 can produce substantial amounts of electricity to generate a healthy income stream. It provides long-term benefits with lower ownership costs over the lifetime of the turbine.
A new 24-m rotor features state-of-the-art hub and blade technology with superior aerodynamics providing a larger swept area. This increases the annual energy production (AEP) of the NPS 60-24 by up to 15% over the previous NPS 60-23 model, dependent on wind conditions.
The turbine is a complete redesign of NPS’ distributed wind platform that has been deployed around the world since 2008. The nacelle is now 30% smaller with a completely new tower configuration. This results in lower weight and load characteristics reducing foundation and installation costs.
Further improvements include a new best in class brake system, a new industry leading yaw configuration, an enhanced electrical layout, more efficient generator cooling, and an ultrasonic wind vane and anemometer.
The NPS 60-24 uses gearless direct drive and a permanent magnet generator to achieve best-in-class reliability. Optimized to generate high output with a lower noise signature, our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6 mph) and provide the highest power at 9-15 mps, providing clear economic benefits in all kinds of wind regimes.
Simple and precise OurPMDD technology maximizes energy capture, outperforms conventional gearbox designs, and reduces maintenance costs.
Robust Built on the time-tested NPS 100 platform that was originally designed for Antarctica, the NPS 60-24 stands up to the strong winds of Scotland (the windiest country in Europe) and regularly faces tropical cyclone force winds in Alaska and the Caribbean.
Plug and play Our state-of-the-art full power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids, simplifying grid interconnect and adding to grid stability, making the NPS 60-24 the best choice for a variety of applications.
Quiet Our gearless design, advanced blades, and lower rpm and tip speed, all contribute to lower noise levels and allow for a longer set back distance.
Easier permitting with low height profile, tower options The elegantly designed NPS 60-24 comes with a variety of optional tubular steel tower heights that helps you balance annual energy production (AEP) and planning requirements.
Reliable Reinforced blades, gearless design and a track record of zero incidents across its entire fleet.
The NPS 60-24 is being installed at university campuses, business, resorts, and farms around the world. Our turbines produce local power at the source of the need without having a negative impact on the environment or the community setting in which they stand. While the 60kW model is only available outside North America, the company’s a 100 kW version (NPS 100C) is available worldwide and with two rotor diameters, 21 and 24 m.
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