The spinning discs that hold the magnets, and magnet issues


Postby kowalski5233 on Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:21 pm

Hey guys.

I've got a design I want to test out, but it's going to be trail and error. Knowing my luck though, someone has already done and patented it, but it's going to be fun in anycase and will let you know if it works, and if so, how ;)

I have however a limited knowledge of magnets. I see I can buy blocks of magnets on this site, but would need a something more like 150x20x8 to start out with. Would I be able to 'series' three magnets ( N-S N-S N-S ) and have extra strength or would it loose strength or basically remain similar at any specific point? Also, if I split a magnet by, say, grinding it, it would basically go from (N - S) to (N-S N-S) right? I would assume that I would loose a lot of it's magnetic properties if I do..

Comments and info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and congrats on a great site!
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Re: Idea...

Postby windgat on Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:27 pm

Putting three magnets next to each other will be (practically) identical to one long one.

Grinding may cause vibration and heat - both can degrade the magnet. If you have to cut, a hand saw would be best.

The magnetic pole is normally on the largest face for generator magnets. So cutting it in half would leave the poles as they are (unless you split it in two parallel to the largest faces).

Hope that helps!

PS: If you are thinking of buying magnets, let me know, and I will update you on the latest prices - sometimes I have left over from courses I run, and the price can be better than on the website.
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