12V 24V 48V Stator

Winding the coils and making the stator

12V 24V 48V Stator

Postby coolguy777100 on Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:37 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here and I am very excited to build my own wind generator. However I have a few questions.

1.) Should I generate 12V 24V or 48V to charge my battery bank? This will be for my house.

2.) What causes a generator to be 12 24 or 48 V? Size of rotor? Size of the coils? The number of coils? The number of turns on a single coil? Im so confused.

3.) I cannot get away with a 10 ft windmill with blades so I plan on building a VAWT, what is considered a successfully wind generator 1 watt per RPM 2 Watts?????
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Re: 12V 24V 48V Stator

Postby windgat on Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:04 pm

1. 12V is low... it means twice the current is needed to deliver a certain amount of power as compared to 24V. 24V cannot shock you, whereas 48V can. So I suggest 24V

2. The number of winds of coils per phase, the strength of the magnets, the air gap and the speed of rotation all affect the voltage. Yes, it complicated. Maybe build a prototype and see what voltage you get. If the RPM is slow, you need to increase the magnet strenght and/or the number of winds.

3. The question does not make sense. Volts per RPM is a sensible measure. Watts per square meter of blade also makes sense. Watts is power, RPM is speed - to confuse the two is common. A huge turbine turning slowly will produce far more watts (i.e. power) than a tiny one spinning very fast.

Hope that helps!
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