New at this

Winding the coils and making the stator

New at this

Postby bacharoo on Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:40 pm

Hi there.

Just started with designing and building one of your generators. I am looking forward to it. Some quetsions:

1) Why do you suggest using a steel plate to mount the magnets on? Will this not make the construction heavy and more difficult to turn?

2) The stator is obviously the part that is fix. What is the best way to secure it?

3) There have been so many designs posted and has made it difficult choosing the best design with the right number of windings, wire gauge, number of coils, etc. What do you
think is the best option? I know you may ask 'what do you want to achieve out of it'. I want to beable to charge batteries that will provide low powered lighting for domestic
use. Run time for approx. 6hrs.

4) Where is the best place to buy magnets from?

I really hope you will be able to help get me started.


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Re: New at this

Postby windgat on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:52 am

Choosing the magnet size and the number of windings is the hardest part for me ... For a small (<1m blades) turbine I would suggest smaller magnets, and fewer turns maybe 60 per coil. For a larger blades (say 1.2m) you get a lot more power, so you want to increase both number of turns and the magnet strength (and size). The most I can fit with 1mm wire using my design is 80 turns. But that needs neat winding - i.e. high tension. I normally recommend a max of 75 when giving courses.

The stator is attached by 10mm threaded rod. Should be clear from the website, e.g.

Steel rotors are needed to direct the magnet flux. Without them the field would be much weaker (and so voltage much lower).

I get batches of magnets in every now and again. The most recent batch I got in for a course was 50x20x8mm N40, R1200 for a set of 24.

PS: Please try and post things under the appropriate section (some of this really belongs under rotors and magnets) - it makes things easier for others to find.
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