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Occasionally I arrange courses for people who want to build their own turbine. The last course started on 24 February 2010.

Talking about magnets and coils

Showing sample parts

Handing out materials The basic course consists of 6 sessions of about 2.5 hours each, and covers the making of the generator core.

Course participants may be builders who make a working generator core, or spectators, who observe and optionally assist the builders.

Currently, the course fee is R1200 for builders, and R700 for spectators. Builders should also expect to pay between R3300 and R5000 for materials.

The basic course covers some theory of blade design, although the actual making of the blades is not covered. Other aspects not covered are the mounting pole, batteries and electrics. Additional courses are also available to cover these subjects.

During the course, the principles of operation of a wind turbine are explained, and the construction is broken down into components. Each session deals in detail with one component, after which builders aim to make that component before the next session.

Materials can be supplied, although those who prefer can source their own.

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Group photo showing stators

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